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My name is Rafal Jezierski and I come from Poland.
In 2005 I decided to come to UK.
I've been taking photos for years and in the 2012 I decided to take my photography to the next level and started Fotografia Moya and I've loved every minute of it, it's been an incredible journey.


I create pictures that are vibrant and bold, they can tell the story, sell the product or can simply work on your imagination.
I strive to capture moments authentically, but cleverly, using light, colour and composition to make things compelling and beautiful.


I shoot a wide variety of commercial subjects to a high professional standard covering design, business, industry, product, tourism, architecture and interior. photography. I specialise in restaurants and shops interior.
I know my clients needs and when photography must not only stand alone but be seen as an integral graphic component to their brand.


I’m a commercial photographer based in London and that's where i do most of my projects but as they say sky is the limit and with my love to travel I don't see any problems with working worldwide so please don't hesitate with your enquiry.

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