• Client: EastPack. / Date: March 2015. / Category: Photography, Commercial, Videography.

FotografiaMoya was asked to film a very special event created by I-AM for Eastpack. I-AM company was selected by Deloitte Digital to curate and design a pop-up concept store for their client Eastpak – the global back-pack brand. The pop-up concept brief was to test digital browsing and shopping within a real store environment with little product on display against the traditional store aesthetic. In addition I-AM was tasked with creating an experience befitting the young Shoreditch urbanite. A market fully immersed with the latest experiences, technology and pop-up concepts. I-AM creation had to be enticing enough to draw their interest. Working closely with the Deloitte team, I-AM designers developed a concept that was focussed on the consumer journey and an experience that would capture the imagination whilst hosting the technology and product required to carry out the six-week trial test.

That pop-up store was part of the Eastpak Artist Studio and Designers Against Aids projects. DAA was launched in 2004 by the non-profit organization Beauty Without Irony. It’s main objective is to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and to get the subject back on the agenda in the international media and amongst the public at large. DAA’s campaigns borrow elements from pop culture, targeting primarily young people in industrialized countries where the disease has of late been largely forgotten. The organization also fights for the acceptance and equal rights of seropositive people around the world.