• Client: Fixation London. / Date: May 2015. / Category: Photography, Commercial, Videography.

People at Fixation truly believe the bicycle is one of human’s greatest ever inventions – so simple yet so effective, using only human power to do so much good and get rid of so much bad.
Therefore they want to get as many people using bikes to get around their cities, towns, campuses and wherever by making a range of bikes that are stylish, reliable but most importantly, affordable.
They want to help everyone explore the world of cycling and find the right bike for them. They strip back the jargon and snobbery that comes with bikes, and try to provide everything you need to get back on the bike!

Fixation London has 4 brand promises. These are commitments that we make to you and promise never to lose sight of: Keep it simple – focus on the things that matter and source reliable parts that will last.
Stylish design – create eye-catching bikes that stand out, just without the pricetag.
For everyone – design our bikes with the view to get everyone back on the bike.
Jargon & snobbery free – strip down the jargon and eliminate snobbery so that we talk to you like normal human beings.