• Client: HEM. / Date: September 2015. / Category: Photography, Commercial, Videography.

Berlin furniture and home accessories brand Hem has opened a London pop-up store in the heart of the West End.
The Hem collection is designed to fit perfectly into the way people live today.
From refined everyday objects to elegant statement pieces, Hem makes original, high-quality designs affordable to people everywhere.
Hem ships directly to you in 35 countries via our online shop and Hem stores, and we distribute via partners to more than 50 countries.
The company commissioned full service creative agency I-AM to develop the store concept and create a brand experience-based design.
I-AM was appointed by Hem CEO Jason Goldberg to identify the right area of London for the store, negotiate a site and design a store curated for the London market.
With a brief to breathe more life into the brand, increase interactivity and improve customer experience, I-AM sent a team to Berlin for an in-depth brand review with Hem.
The I-AM team then secured a high-profile shop space in Earlham Street, Seven Dials (Covent Garden) and, working closely with Hem, designed a complete in-store experience.

I-AM team hired me to take photos and create a short video from the launch event of the store.
Pictures should focus on the design of the space and also customers and people exploring the shop and interacting with it.