• Client: MouseTail / Date: 23 Oct 2014. / Category: Photography, Commercial

Mouse Tail's in for serious coffee buffs to the ones yet to discover the LOVE that you can get out of a bean that's seen LOVE. We're dedicated to mastering excellence in coffee making and turning it to street fashion for everyone to enjoy. Looking at our menu you'll see what we're standing for.

The foundation of Mouse Tail is knowledge, experience and carefully chosen equipment. We started off by using a fully manual classic lever espresso machine that allows our baristas to have hands on control of every step of the espresso-brewing-process. Pretty romantic, mhm?

We now have widened our tool box by semi-automatic espresso machines- the choice was inspired by UK Barista Championships. Our grinders are all on-demand, that's the basic stuff. Getting the perfect shot every time requires the most highly advanced knowledge and experience- and by all means, our baristas know how. Topped with silky smooth milk (if you like) and you're guaranteed to get the oomph.